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(Feel free to check out Denis's TODO List specifically.)

  • Find out how all combinations of annotations behave.
    • I.e.
      with (persistent, success_test { something }) Step;
      Does the success test override the persistence; or vice versa?

  • Compile two agents which have the following constraints:
  1. A.abl declares a behaving_entity A
  2. B.abl declares a behaving_entity A
  • I copied tag/src/tag/Jack.abl into tag/src/tag/Deleterious.abl and ran the compiler from the tag directory -- and it succeeded. Is this good?
    • No. This is very bad. But it should be fixed, now.
  • walkthrough of decision cycle (DC)
    • with a concrete agent (Wargus)
  • how to debug an ABL/Wargus agent
  • ABL Grammar (starting with JJDoc's BNF html file)
    • walkarounds for certain things disallowed either syntactically or semantically (subgoal arguments)
  • post, post_to meanings
  • joint goals/behaviors
  • fill out existing sections on above website
  • Scoping semantics/three scopes